Minhocco only uses themes of Brazilian culture, such as fauna and flora, tales, fruits and flavors of Brazil. Wearing children of 2 to 9 years old, our looks reveal much beyond fashion because it has an educational and ecological approach that values the culture of our country. The brand passes, in the clothes, messages for children to learn how to protect the environment and understand, for example, why the jaguars are almost endangered.

Desfile Infantil minhocco
Desfile infantil minhocco

We wear children like children

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Our themes

Brazil! Minhocco works with themes of the Brazilian culture and nature: imaginary creatures, animals, tales, biomes, foods and traditional games.

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Our materials

Minhocco uses in the production of their clothing materials having at least 85% cotton in its composition. Minhocco uses not only fabrics and finishes safe and nontoxic, but also materials that stimulate the children’s senses.

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Minhocco does not have a stylist; a multidisciplinary team creates our pieces. In addition, we conducted focus groups with mothers to validate and receive new ideas.

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Our Collections

Understand how Minhocco brings all these concepts to their clothes.

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